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This is your entry level website. Frankly, it’s the very least you can do to prove you’re “real” and will be there the next time they call.

Think of it much like a printed Flyer you pin to the coffee shop’s community bulletin board. People can find your phone number and brief details about your products or services on a flyer as well as your business address if you publish one.

Your Internet Flyer gives people your contact information and verifies your existence. Suddenly you become a real business to them. They know you’ve purchased your domain on the world wide web and have hung out your shingle there. You’re committed to your business and you’re conducting your business in a professional manner.

When you use a picture or cartoon of yourself on the flyer, you more strongly reinforce the perception that you can be trusted.

We will create you a custom-designed, one-page website that includes the first year’s cost of your domain name such as Monthly billing of $10 for hosting your website will begin when your new website is loaded onto your domain.


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*Each year there is a renewal fee for your own domain name such as
This is an annual fee to lease the name from ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and we supply it to you at the actual Registrar’s price. The domain name will remain yours as long as the lease does not lapse.