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The Internet Brochure package is just that, your company’s brochure on the Internet.

Think of it as a printed brochure you might hand to someone when you meet them at a coffee shop. Giving someone a brochure costs a little more than just handing them a flyer or business card, but the return on investment is many times greater. Your brochure contains all the usual contact information plus your story, products, services and your accomplishments.

Every printed brochure is designed to answer the question “Why choose me?”

Your Internet Brochure will do much the same thing. It features much more of your own story and gives visitors many more reasons to call you instead of your competitor. A three-page Internet Brochure adds dimension to your business and reinforces perceived stability.

This package includes a custom-designed, three-page website that includes the first year’s cost of your domain name such as Monthly billing of $15 for hosting your website will begin when your new website is loaded onto your domain.

Plus 2 FREE extra pages – “Terms of Service” page and a “Privacy” page disclaimer.


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*Each year there is a renewal fee for your own domain name such as
This is an annual fee to lease the name from ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and we supply it to you at the actual Registrar’s price. The domain name will remain yours as long as the lease does not lapse.