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We offer a range of affordable, custom website packages. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits your small business.

We’ve designed a great one-page website for the business owner who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money figuring out if this Internet thing is going to work for them. We call that very affordable option our Internet Flyer.

According to BIA/Kelsey and ConStat research, 97% of adults in American are now using the Internet to find local goods and services either once in a while, regularly or exclusively. People throw the “yellow pages” away when it hits their front porch and run straight to their laptop or tablets for information when they’re ready to buy.

Buyers use their smart phones to search the Internet for just about everything they need in a hurry like locksmiths, garage door repair and someone to connect their stereo system to their new flat screen TV in time for their Super Bowl party. If your business isn’t online, these ever-more-mobile prospects can’t find you.

At the very least, you’ve got to have an on-line “Business Flyer” to survive. Our Internet Flyer, one-page website is your best entry-level option. Check out our Internet Flyer package here.



In today’s wild economic roller coaster, it’s the Internet that allows small businesses to compete with big companies on a level field. Armed with a professionally designed website, small business  owners suddenly don’t look so small anymore.

When you tell your company’s story from a solid, well designed web platform, your written words carry far more weight. We can help you do that so you can really compete with the big guys.

Professionally designed websites give your prospective customers an immediate comfort level and begin to build trust long before you speak a word. We can make you a website that exudes confidence for very little cash out of your pocket. Nobody does that better for less money than we do.

Your new professional, affordable website will help your prospects choose your business when they’re shopping for services or products. When you choose either our Internet Brochure package (3 page website) or the more flexible Internet Portfolio package (5+ page website) you really up your game. Remember, you can always get started with an Internet Brochure, then painlessly upgrade to a more impressive option when you’re ready to make the investment.



Our top-of-the-line Internet Portfolio package will give your business the perfect opportunity to show off a portfolio of examples of the work you’ve done in the past. Websites with portfolios encourage larger dollar purchases by giving you prospective customers bigger ideas that enlarge their own vision.

We work hard to create a process that is easily kept current by interfacing with formats like Google’s PICASA web albums. You’ll be able to “auto-magically” update your own portfolio pages without waiting on anyone to do it for you.

With the 5-page Internet Portfolio package, you also have the ability to add articles, testimonials, project articles, press releases, etc. yourself. If you can send email, you can do this!

Your website can always reflect your current offerings and achievements. You can even contribute seasonal information to your website to further engage your prospects and customers. If you would prefer that we do the work for you, that can also be arranged.

Check out our Internet Portfolio package here.



The Internet Brochure package is just that, your company’s brochure on the Internet.

Think of it as a printed brochure you might hand to someone when you meet them at a coffee shop. Giving someone a brochure costs a little more than just handing them a flyer or business card, but the return on investment is many times greater. Your brochure contains all the usual contact information. plus your story, products, services and your accomplishments.

Every printed brochure is designed to answer the question “Why choose me?”

Your Internet Brochure will do much the same thing. It features much more of your own story and gives visitors many more reasons to call you instead of your competitor. A three-page Internet Brochure adds dimension to your business and reinforces perceived stability.

Check out our Internet Brochure package here.