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Our websites are designed to be mobile friendly and to respond to the size of whatever screen that the visitor is using. That means that a web page viewed on your desktop computer will look completely different on your smartphone.

Our websites automatically re-size and shuffle the content to provide an optimized viewing experience for the visitor using smaller devices. Since more and more people are visiting websites on mobile devices, this feature makes your new website very user friendly. Statistics show that visitors on a mobile phone will often “click away” almost instantly when they arrive at a website that is not optimized for their mobile device. We make sure that doesn’t happen when mobile users visit your website.

Should a client decide that a visitor on a smart phone should see an even further “slimmed down” version of their main desktop website, we can help with that too. Creating a separate mobile site, to save on data transfer time, makes the experience on a phone even faster and less expensive for the mobile user. In this case we can provide a duplicate website reduced and reformatted specifically for the speed of a smartphone. Desktop and tablet users may see more than smart phone users just because the bigger screen and faster connections make it more possible. Therefore, the mobile site does not replace your main website, but rather adds another abbreviated option for mobile users.